Unist’ot’en Camp’s 2017 4th Annual Construction Camp!


This camp needs you!

The dates are May 8th to May 26th.

The final phase 3 of the Healing Center will be constructed, the Pithouse needs a cob floor and shelf area, and the Permaculture Garden needs planting.

This camp has always been run solely on DONATIONS & VOLUNTEER HELP. The efforts are to turn this beautiful territory, as well as the beautiful caretakers, into a vital healing team to combat the inter-generational impacts of trauma inflicted on Indigenous Peoples.

HEAL THE LAND: HEAL THE PEOPLE has been the motto of this beautiful dream since its beginning.

There is a lot to do and plenty of spaces for volunteers to come in and help. If you have skills, come and share them! If you don’t have skills, come and learn! This place helps people acquire much needed skillsets that have helped them with finding rewarding and related work.

The territory is under threat from two remaining pipeline proposals threatening to introduce toxic right-of-ways into this place. This territory is being protected from overhunting and recreational traffic. As a result of our efforts it is now hosting growing populations of wildlife that have never seen humans. By recreating a healing and pristine landscape we are helping set the stage for future land based healing programs which would utilize cultural programs to aid in spiritual and physical growth.

You can make a difference by joining us in this one-of-a-kind project. You can donate, create awareness in your community, or show up! There are kitchen duties, and volunteer medics needed.

Make new friends by coming! Plan a caravan with old friends! Pay a good friend’s way here who deserves it! Feel great by making a difference!!