Unist’ot’en House Group

Freda Huson standing smiling in a pine forest. She is wearing a grey tshirt and a black and white hooded plaid flannel jacket

Freda Huson (Chief Howilhkat)


A black and white close up portrait photo of Doris

Dorris Rosso (Chief Lht’at’en)


Percy Michell (Chief Guh howk)


Helen sits at a table with her arms relaxed in front of her, smiling, wearing glasses. She has grey hair and is wearing a blue and purple plaid flannel

Helen Michell (Chief Masgibu)


Kathryn Michell (Chief We’alih) 


Chief Knedebeas in 3/4 profile wearing a red and white plaid shirt and a black basebeall cap

Warner William (Chief Knedebeas)


Irene Joseph


Late Chief Knedebeas (Christine Holland)