Healing Center Update and Photos



Healing Centre

The 3rd Annual Construction Camp was a tremendous success! Sne Kyalh Yah (we are grateful for all of your assistance in our time if need) to everyone who contributed financially, physically, and spiritually through prayers and ceremonies. We are not done yet and will continue to ask for help from all of you good people. As the camp work is demanding, it is appreciated when loving and caring people tag out those who’ve been out here for a while.

With the help of so many amazing people working in different ways – from carpenters to cooks making delicious meals – Phase II of our Healing Center Project is moving along quite well. Currently the roof is finished, the insulation is almost all in place, the windows are almost all installed, the electrical is all routed into place, the plumbing is all laid out and the sealant is all completed for the concrete flooring.

The roof goes up on the Healing Centre’s Phase 2

Unist’ot’en Spokesperson Freda Huson with Chief Knedebeas

Part of our construction team

It’s is an impressive addition funded by beautiful people such as yourselves who understand and believe in grassroots movements. You all make stopping pipelines possible.

Concrete poured at the beginning of construction camp

In addition to the Healing Centre, we’ve also made big improvements to the permaculture garden as a result of hard work and expert knowledge. An early spring this year has already provided us with greens and rhubarb.

Covering the pithouse roof

The pithouse roof has now been completed, and has been planted with good soil and seeded with grasses. It should soon be absorbing water, keeping us cool in the hot weather, and warm in the winter.

Our Dene brother from Arizona helps build our home.


Hard workers on the fully covered pithouse

Industry is planning their next steps to undermine our hereditary authority on our lands and trespass where they think they can get away with it.

We are continuing to build up Unist’ot’en Camp as a healing place for our Wet’suwet’en people and as a leading example of living with respect for the land. We are fundraising to finish the Healing Center and expand our solar power system so that we can live fossil fuel free.

Please consider supporting Unist’ot’en Camp financially, or sharing this link in your social networks.

As always, we are looking for good people to stand with us in our campaign to stop fracking and tar sands pipelines in their place. If you are interested in coming to support, sign up here.