CGL Posts Injunction Notice, RCMP Threatens Helicopter Companies, Trespassers Heard Building Trail Toward Gidimt’en Checkpoint

This RCMP plane circled Gidimt'en checkpoint repeatedly.

This RCMP plane circled Gidimt’en checkpoint repeatedly.


Jan 8 2020, 2pm UPDATE:

CGL posts injunction notice, RCMP threatens helicopter companies, and trespassers heard building trail toward Gidimt’en Checkpoint.

We have received reports that Coastal Gaslink has posted notice of the injunction enforcement order at the 39km mark of the Morice Forest Service Road. Combined with the posting of this notice on their website, this means the Wet’suwet’en are given until approximately 3pm on Friday to comply with the order and remove gates and cabins on our own unceded lands.

A helicopter company has informed us that RCMP phoned their head office and instructed them that our territory is now a “no fly zone,” and that they are not permitted to make any flights here. According to the pilots with that company, all other helicopter companies in the area have received the same instructions.

Finally, trespassers were heard walking toward and behind the Gidimt’en checkpoint, and chainsaws were heard operating. Snowshoe tracks were found, and we believe that the trespassers were trying to create a trail to access / surround the camp.

We continue to stand strong in our laws and to remain peaceful. No access will be granted to Wet’suwet’en territories without our consent.