Updates and August Work Party Announcement

A black bear stands on the side of the road, looking at the camera, with mountains and evergreens in the background

A Little Brother spotted just outside of camp.

Updates! What’s been happening at the Healing Centre?

The Unist’ot’en Clan and the employees and volunteers at the Healing Centre had six successful land-based healing programs over the winter and spring, welcoming Wet’suwet’en people in need of treatment and healing from substance use and the trauma of colonization.  The Healing Centre, with its remote location, offers a unique healing environment, allowing participants to enjoy the outdoors, go hiking or snowshoeing, take part in the sacred waters of the Widzun Kwah, and otherwise be free to exist in a way that is impossible and unsafe in an urban rehabilitation clinic.  At Unist’ot’en, participants are also able to engage in programming with their spouses and families, where as in other rehab spaces, participants are separated from their families and forced to heal alone.

The FNHA held a weeklong program at the Centre, with participants taking part in a Psychological First Aid Training and sharing powerful traditional knowledge from across nations.  We hope to have them back and are grateful for their support of our work and space! What a pleasure to have you with us.

The annual Summer Work Party in June focused on Fire Prevention and Safety, with participants coming from all over Turtle Island and beyond, including New York, Washington, Montreal, and Germany.  We cleaned up dry brush from all across the grounds, planted an herb and vegetable garden, and created connections and lasting friendships with both new and returning supporters.


A stylized drawing of mountains with the words "Unist'ot'en camp August Work Party, Aug 11 to Sept 1. Come to the Yintah! The Unist'ot'en Healing Centre needs you. Camp under the stars, Make new friends, Connect with indigenous sovereignty. Sign up now. www.unistoten.camp." There is a qr code in the bottom left of the image.

Want to be a part of our Healing Revolution?

Come to our August Work Party!

We would love to have you join us in August.  Come for as little as a week, or come early and stay late!  We welcome visitors year round, but Work Party is the only time new supporters can come for less than two weeks.

But will I be helpful?

Yes, you will be! All skillsets are needed, but especially: Chainsaw operators, construction tradespeople, cooks, cleaners and organizers, gardeners, medics, fire fighters, drone operators, and people who love to get their hands dirty with hard work.  Drivers are also needed, so if you have a reliable vehicle but only a few days to spare or are unable to stay at camp for long, please consider becoming a driver to get much needed supplies and people from Vancouver to Houston, BC.

What happens at Work Party?

We have structured days with three excellent meals and free time each evening for card games, hiking, and swimming in the clean river, just downstream from where we get our excellent drinking water. There is a set schedule for a morning meeting where we decide on our projects for the day and check in with each other about our capacities, then there are set times for meals, with projects happening between them.  There are medics on site, snacks and drinks provided all day, tenting under the stars, hot showers a couple of times a week, laundry available once every ten days, and plenty of opportunity to get to know your fellow volunteers, the land, and the Unist’ot’en clan.

What’s happening with the Pipeline? Will I get arrested?

There is no active blockade on Unist’ot’en territory, and unfortunately the pipeline is still forcing its way through despite our clear and obvious lack of consent.  Traffic from the construction still drives past our Healing Centre and disrupts our peace, but the chance of being arrested at camp is essentially the same as that of being in the city.  By participating in helping to keep the Healing Centre operational, you are helping to preserve what few considerations are being taken by the province and industry.  As long as the Healing Centre is in place, the river will be protected and her people will be able to continue to access desperately needed programming.

Okay, I want to come! What next?

Before applying to come to camp, please read the preparing for your visit page on our website and pay particular attention to the consent guidelines and guidelines for behaviour. Behaviour going against our guidelines will not be tolerated.

After reading the above page, we welcome you to register here! Please tell your friends and share with your community. The river needs you!