Why Do You Wear Camo? – Brian Grandbois


It was a symbol of resistance. To protect mother earth, we wear the colours of mother earth. If you are protecting mother earth – because native people are the environment. When you speak of the environment it’s us you’re talking about, because we are part of that environment.

When you wear camouflage clothing, you’re honouring the earth and you’re showing that you’ve dedicated yourself and your life to protecting the earth, and if you protect the earth you’re protecting all people. It goes back to people. We don’t differentiate – the need for that environment goes to all races, so we’re protecting the environment for everybody’s children, and by honouring the earth and wearing these colours – we’re not doing it to intimidate everybody. I can understand how mainstream looks at it, that’s fine, but it is what it is.

We wear camouflage with pride because it’s the colours of mother earth that we’re defending. The armies use these kind of things to hide from people. We’re not hiding. We’re showing that the colours of mother earth mean everything to us.

When you speak of the environment and First Nations, you can’t separate the two. It’s our environments that are being destroyed for the wealth of everyone else. That’s why we wear camo. WE wear it with pride, because we’re telling everyone we’re not afraid. What have we got to lose? We’re fighting for humanity and for the ecosystems that support that humanity.

Wearing camoflague just shows that mother earth is the boss, and we know it. That’s why we wear it.

– from an interview with Brian Grandbois





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