RCMP Invasion on Unist’ot’en Territory – URGENT Updates Feb 9, 2020


February 9, 2020 URGENT UPDATES

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6:29 pm – At least 5 RCMP/CGL vehicles have left toward the highway down from 44km Gidimt’en. Ambulance, 1 large box truck, several industry trucks.

6:08 pm – At least 2 RCMP at Woo’s cabin at 44km. One is corporal Ryan Wong, the other refused to ID. They are asking if occupants want a “ride out”.

6:02 pm – RCMP approaching Woo’s cabin at 44km.

5:35 pm – 9 RCMP in snowshoes at the 65 km mark near bridge. 1 person in plaid coat.

5:32 – 21 personnel in yellow vests at pullout at 65km marker.

5:29 pm – RCMP holding a piece of equipment (undetermined). Their vehicles are starting up. Unist’ot’en matriarchs dancing and singing songs under the bell.

5:25 pm – Plows retreating. RCMP preparing to advance. 

5:20 pm – Road is now cleared to the bridge.

5:14 pm – 2 graders pushing through to bridge now. Plow behind.

5:06 pm – As vehicles approach, Freda Huson is drumming over the river and calling to the forest, ancestors.

4:52 pm – 5 RCMP officers approaching on foot, 3 graders and 13+ vehicles behind that.

4:40 pm – Large plow truck at gates of Unistoten, 66km

4:25 pm – Updated tally of RCMP/CGL between 44km and 66km:
1 dump truck
3 bulldozers
1 large CAT
1 large white SUV
1 large RV
1 ambulance
6 pickup trucks (estimated)

3:41 pm – 2 CGL trucks headed down from 44km mark at Gidimt’en

2:51 pm – At least 2 unmarked RCMP pickup trucks at 44km Gidimt’en, 1 RCMP SUV, and some officers on foot.

2:26 pm – 1 unmarked RCMP SUV headed to 66km from 44km with 2 unmarked CGL work vehicles.

1:17 pm – RCMP helicopter circling very low at 66km. Matriarchs drumming.

11:39 am – 2 RCMP at 44km, came to the door of Woo’s cabin asking those inside to identify themselves. Officers refused to give names or badge numbers, then left.

11 am – Black helicopter flying low overhead at 66km

9:45 am – We have reports of a large convoy of RCMP and industry working up the road from Gidimt’en toward #Unistoten. 2 bulldozers, 1 plow, 2 large cats, 1 large white RV, 1 ambulance, 7 pickups.


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