Wishlist / Needslist


Priority Request for Supplies

Check here for current needs at the camp. These are items you can donate or bring along if you are traveling to the camp. If you would like to donate larger items, like vehicles or equipment, please contact the hosts directly.


***This list has been updated August 14, 2018*** 


Food Items


  • Cheese (esp hard cheese like parmesan)
  • Fresh veg and fruits (*not* potatoes, celery, carrots, onions, apples or oranges but anything else is great! This doesn’t count for farmers or large donations. But if you’re only bringing a lil, please bring things that are harder to come by up north)
  • Meat or fish (especially wild or cruelty free)
  • Sandwich meat
  • Sausages
  • lemongrass
  • fresh chillies
  • veggie sausages or chorizo
  • Tofu
  • Fresh herbs


  • Nutritional yeast
  • Bragg’s Soy (cheapest at Sunrise foods)
  • Cornmeal
  • Nuts
  • Channa/chickpea flour
  • Nut butter
  • Rice (sushi, white, wild, but not brown)
  • Gluten-free grains
  • Couscous
  • Flour (white unbleached, whole wheat, rye, baker’s or bread)
  • Gluten-free flours
  • masa harina
  • gluten-free pasta
  • regular pasta
  • canned tomatoes
  • tomato paste
  • dried mushrooms
  • chocolate chips
  • Olives
  • Sundried tomatoes
  • Zatar spice
  • Nori sheets
  • Vinegar (sushi, rice, wine, white, apple cider or Balsamic)
  • Shiro Miso paste
  • canned fish
  • canned clams
  • white kidney, black, or pinto beans
  • ground coffee
  • Olive Oil
  • Coconut Oil
  • Textured vegetable protein
  • Preserves
  • Canned chilies (esp in adobo)
  • Pickles
  • Smoked or preserved meat
  • Sesame Oil
  • veggie shortening
  • margarine squares (for baking)
  • vanilla extract
  • honey
  • maple syrup
  • Coconut cream or milk
  • Coconut flakes
  • Smoked wild fish (cheapest at Elenka Foods or farmers market)
  • Canned dog food (especially if formulated for senior dogs)
  • Dog kibble

Non Food Items

(Kitchen, Building/work supplies, Medical, Miscellaneous)

  • Chainsaw
  • Large cast iron cookware (esp with lids)
  • Oven mitts (any condition, but w/o holes)
  • Epi Pens
  • Fine grit sharpening stones (for chef’s knives)
  • pillows and pillowcases
  • Dish cloths
  • Spare tires from wheelbarrows
  • Bronner’s liquid soap or ecosafe Camp Suds
  • Hatchet
  • Axe
  • Whetstone
  • large metal coffee percolators (20cup one at Army&Navy is $29)
  • food processor
  • immersion/stick blender
  • hand powered food processor (known as Mouli)
  • solar dehydrator
  • solar charger for usb devices
  • Books: permaculture, cooking, gardening, plant identification, first aid, bush craft, indigenous issues, feminism, queer theory, how-to books, carpentry, mechanics, guitar tabs and song lyrics.
  • Handheld garden saws and gardening tools
  • Bicycles and parts
  • Tents
  • Tarps
  • Medical sutures and butterfly stitches
  • Fishing line
  • Wooden cutting boards
  • Coffee grinder
  • Herb plants (especially thyme, rosemary, basil, cilantro)
  • Fishing floats
  • Rope and twine
  • barbwire


Contact Bob (robertages [at] telus.net) if you can help out with sending supplies to the camp!

If you would like to donate larger items, like vehicles or equipment, please contact the hosts directly.