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Consent Guidelines

Consent is permission for something to happen or agreement to do something. When someone ignores or intentionally does anything towards another without an explicit agreement, that is a consent violation. These are the behavioural expectations at Unist’ot’en with regards to bodily consent:

Before: Your first step is filling out the online registration form, which involves questions regarding your history with consent violations. Please answer this as openly and honestly as possible. Second, we follow up with a phone interview to further explore your understanding of different types of consent. Please answer to the best of your abilities. Remember, it is not shameful or an immediate rejection if you require additional reading or education on the subject matter. Also, different cultural backgrounds come with different ideas of consent. We want to learn about your perspectives and teach you about how consent works at camp. 

If you withhold information relevant to camp members’ safety, the Unist’ot’en have grounds for your immediate dismissal. 

Any information you share during the registration process is kept completely confidential. Please note, these conversations are handled in a respectful way that ensures everyone’s personal safety. 


During: When you first arrive at camp, you participate in the Free Prior Informed Consent Protocol (FPIC), which is a centuries-old practice at the border of Unist’ot’en territory. This process honours the consent given by the keepers of this permitting you to be on their territory. By accepting the rules of camp leadership, you agree to uphold the autonomy of the land, people, and yourself. 

Should anything come up during your stay that makes you or another person feel uncomfortable or unsafe, Freda’s door is always open. If you are uncertain about speaking to Freda, please approach one of the other Unist’ot’en. They all wish to hear from you as soon as problems arise to avoid further damage and allow for necessary debriefing, intervention, or de-escalation.

There is literature available at camp about consent. We strongly advise you to seek it out. 


Learn about all the protocols before coming to the land on our page Preparing for Your Visit