Solidarity Art Space


A green grass and daisy background with a black tank top across it. The tank top reads "the future is Decolonial"


New tank tops in support of the Healing Centre and Unist’ot’en Camp are now on the Solidarity Art Space website. Did you know that you can support the ongoing work of the Healing Centre by purchasing new art and designs?  From their website:


“Solidarity Art Space is an online store focused on providing a space for designs sanctioned by Indigenous leadership, to be sold with all funds going directly to frontline land defenders. The purpose of this project is to reach a wide audience of supporters to maximize the funds raised for Indigenous Land Defense, and to maintain this space as an ongoing fundraiser. We have followed the fundraiser protocols and have permission to hold this fundraiser for the Indigenous groups we support here, though we would like to acknowledge that we in no way speak on behalf of them.

This space is intended to bring networks of people together across Turtle Island to act in solidarity through financial support as well as spotlight indigenous artists. Please visit the websites and social media accounts of the artists who have contributed designs to the shop if you are interested in seeing more of their work. We wish to extend immense gratitude to all who have supported Solidarity Art Space, and all who continue to do the work of being in solidarity with Indigenous Land Defenders.”


We are grateful for the ongoing support from our friends at Solidarity Art Space!  Please visit their website and see what they have on offer to support the Healing Centre.