Solidarity Work



*Updated December 21, 2018*

Pressure the Government: 

CLICK HERE  to send an email directly to the provincial government of “British Columbia” and the federal government of “Canada” to respect the rights, jurisdiction, and laws of the Unist’ot’en/Giltseyu-Dark House on their unceded territories

Organizational Support: 

CLICK HERE to join 4288 organizations and individuals in signing the pledge in support of Unist’ot’en.

You can also write an organizational letter of support and send it to the provincial and federal government. CLICK HERE for an example of this kind of Statement of Support, from the Canadian Union of Postal Workers. 

And as always, please Donate and Check the Wishlist/Needslist!


In addition to physically being on the land, support from afar is also needed year-round to sustain the camp. Over the years, supporters have:

  • Hosted the Unist’ot’en for speaking engagements at colleges and community centers
  • Participated in solidarity actions bringing attention to the pipeline financiers
  • Held benefit concerts, parties, and art shows with funds going to the camp
  • Hosted community fundraiser dinners and film screenings of documentaries made at the camp
  • Provided their home communities with presentations about the camp after visiting
  • Connected the camp hosts with major news outlets to broadcast their campaigns, or created their own documentaries
  • Set up fundraising challenges with prizes to promote the campaigns
  • Subscribed and shared posts from the Unist’ot’en Facebook, Youtube, and other social media.

Can you do something from this list? Or do you have a creative idea of your own that will support the Unist’ot’en Camp? Get in touch with the camp hosts to get their consent and input on your solidarity event! (Due to the heavy volume of requests and messages the hosts receive, response may be delayed).

Please read the Resources on Allyship and Solidarity page.


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